Automobile Cleaners

Automobile Cleaners and Dressings

Girex 440

Girex 440 is a solvent based formula for heavy duty grease and tar removal tasks. Girex 440 engine degreaser is formulated with several types of solvents and dispersing agents to breakdown grime and dirt and reduce the surface tension of the grease and oil. A power water wash carries away the dirt and grease.

Upholstery and Carpet Shampoo

A very low sudser with built-in brightener and deodorizer, with a neutralizing spotting action to assist cleaning.

Car Wash Liquid

Highly concentrated cleaner and surfactants remove dirt, exhaust residue, road grime, light grease and oil. LusterGlaze car wash liquid produces a high level of suds to lift dirt off surfaces and allow for easy rinsing. LusterGlaze car wash liquid can be used in a pressure system or by hand.

PowerClean Plus

LusterGlaze PowerClean Plus is a concentrated cleaner providing exceptional oil/grease penetration as water-based formulation with moderate pH. PowerClean Plus can be used as-is to pre soak extra grimy areas on tires, moldings, mud flaps and bumpers or can be diluted 3:1 to 10:1 for general purpose cleaning and lighter applications. It is a water based environmentally friendly formulation containing no VOCs.


ReNu is a very versatile dressing for rubber, leather, vinyl and plastic. It quickly and easily rejuvenates the appearance of the interior, the engine compartment and all types of plastic parts. ReNu is water based, non-hazardous and very user friendly. It can be applied with a sponge for large surfaces or with a trigger sprayer bottle.

Rubber Dressing

Solvent/silicone based dressing provides excellent gloss and coverage with either spray-on or wipe-on application.

Silicon free Rubber Dressing

A unique blend of solvents and penetrating agents designed to produce the
“Wet Look” on tires. The absence of silicone makes this product safe to use in the sensitive paint shops. This product is applied with a trigger spray or sponge to most plastics, rubber and vinyl.

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