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Automobile Protective Chemicals


The Fibretex frabric protector coats the individual threads of the fibers and bonds the fibers together to reduce fabric wear and resist staining and spots. Fibretex is easy to apply and quick drying. Fibretex can be applied with a trigger spray bottle or pressure pot atomizer.

SuperGlaze, LusterGlaze/LusterShield

A choice of either one step or two step paint protection systems. Both are formulated with unique ingredients for maximum surface gloss, brightness and long lasting protection. SuperGlaze is the one step system; LusterGlaze/LusterShield are the components for the two step system.

Steelguard Rust Inhibitor

The Steelguard Rust Inhibitor is a highly effective protector against rusting. It is easy to apply and atomize into the car’s inner cavities. This tan coloured material will not drip, dry up, or crack and remains flexible. Steelguard Rust Inhibitor provides 5000 hours of protection in the salt fog test. Steelguard Rust Inhibitor does not require annual re-application and provides long-term protection.

Steelguard Undercoat (airless spray) and
Steelguard II Undercoat (air spray)

The Steelguard Undercoat is available in two forms suitable for either airless spray or air atomization. Steelguard Undercoat is applied to the underside of the vehicle and provides both sound deadening and rush inhibition. The black undercoat remains flexible and tough while providing 1500 hours of protection in the salf fog test.

Stealguard Undercoat is applied with either an airless spray system or air atomized system. The undercoat is applied to all underbody panels, floorboards and gas tank.

Undercoating application
Rust Inhibitor application

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