Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals


Penetrates and releases the protein substance deposited by flying insects. The Debugger is easy to use and succeeds where regular cleaners fail!

Tree Sap Remover

LusterGlaze Tree Sap Remover softens, dissolves and removes tree sap from painted and other surfaces. The combination of alcohol, solvent and lubricants provide the power to this specialty product.

Wire Wheel Acid

Acid based product used to remove disk brake deposits and corrosion from aluminum wheels. Acid is diluted at a 10-20:1 ratio prior to use.

Formula XD

Formula XD is a powerful solvent based cleaner designed to remove road tar, undercoating, decal adhesives, glue and a variety of surface contaminants.

Car Fragrance

A scented concentrate designed mainly for used cars after cleaning the interior. A few drops misted into the car create a mild and pleasant cherry odor that enhances the cleanliness impression of the vehicle.

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